Wood Stork Water Lilies and Cypress Trees

Wood Stork Water Lilies and Cypress Trees
Wood Stork Water Lilies – A landscape of a wood stork, water lilies with cypress trees.

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Wood Stork Water Lilies and Cypress Trees – This painting is continuation of my series of wading birds and their wetlands habitats. I chose to make a painting of the Wood Stork because of its unique face and character. Also in this painting are several Bald Cypress trees. The Bald Cypress tree has unique ‘rocket’ shape with a lot of grooves and roots that resemble fins on older Bald Cypress trees. The water lily pads have appeared in other paintings of mine. I have been fascinated by them for as long as I can recall. Their bright green color always complemented the light or dark brown color of the water they lived in. The white and yellow blossoms always made for a colorful lake scenery with the brown, green and white or yellow (depending on the color of the blossoms). This view of a wood stork attempts to show an early morning lighting when the shadows are long and strong warm / cool colors are most visible. Having a strong morning light also enhances the linear grooves on the Bald Cypress tree’s bark.

As someone who loves photography, I believe that if a painting has a strict resemblance to a photo, why not just buy the photo? Therefore I always strive to give the viewer something that the camera can not. Although I use photographic reference, the painting’s composition and lighting are strictly a product of my imagination. Wood Stork and Water Lilies was inspired by the lowland wetlands of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. The wood stork is the only stork that breeds in the United States. The wood stork will build a large stick nest in a forest tree. The wood stork nests colonially building up to 25 nests in a single tree.

Size of original painting: 24″ X 10″

Medium: Gouache paint on cold press illustration board

Price of Original Artwork: $1,500.00

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Wood Stork Water Lilies and Cypress Trees