Wood Stork and Waterlilies Pencil Sketch

Wood Stork and Waterlilies Pencil Sketch – It’s time to start a new painting. The subject of this painting is a Wood Stork and Waterlilies. The habitat will be a swamp with several large cypress trees. I begin by making a compositions of the painting in thumbnail sketches. This particular thumbnail sketch was done in pen in a notebook. If I have an idea, I sketch it out no matter where I am. If I think the thumbnail sketch has potential, I will re-draw it actual or half size to see if it still looks good in a larger format. If the sketch was half size, I would then proceed to draw a detailed actual size drawing. Once the full or actual size drawing is complete, I take a piece of tracing paper and trace the drawing. This will be helpful in positioning various elements of the composition in their proper location as the progress of the painting evolves.

Once the drawing is traced, I proceed by turning my tracing of the drawing into a carbon paper. This is done by taking the tracing and flipping it over. I then take a soft graphite pencil (perhaps a 3B), color the lines on the back of the tracing paper. By doing this, I now have a carbon paper copy of my drawing which I can apply to the painting as needed. Because we will be painting objects from front to back, the elements up close will not need to be ‘drawn’ on our paper until all of the elements behind them have been completed. In the next post, we will mix the paint for the sky which will provide most of our background color for this composition.

Wood Stork and Waterlilies Pencil Sketch

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