Beginning a Painting in Gouache

Beginning a painting in gouache curlew
Beginning a painting in gouache. The mountains, grass and other elements are in place but not refined.

Beginning a Painting in Gouache – This is the first part of a continuing series documenting the development of my gouache painting, Far Eastern Curlew Wading In A Stream In Siberia. This painting features Far Eastern Curlews (birds) and a mountainous Siberian landscape. It initially began as a rough sketch. After painting with acrylic paint for years, I recently made the switch to gouache paint. Having not painted landscapes, trees or grass with gouache, I made what had intended to be a practice sketch. I don’t usually photograph practice sketches or monitor their progress.

The result of this practice painting had turned out much better than I anticipated. When I saw that this painting had potential, I decided to start photographing the progress. Having a great love for all things Siberia (mountains, rivers, wildlife) I composed a typical Siberian landscape with a Far Eastern Curlew (bird) wading in a stream. The Far Eastern Curlew is a wading bird native to eastern Russia and parts of China. The paper is 18″ X 24″ Strathmore 400 Series watercolor paper. If you look closely at the edges, you can see clear packing tape holding the edges to my drawing table to minimize warping. At this stage of progress, the stream is finished and most of the grass. The mountains and trees still need work. I will document that portion of work on the painting in the next post.