Painting Feathers on a Cormorant

Painting feathers on a cormorant with a liner brush.
Painting feathers on a cormorant with a liner brush. (Close up)

I am beginning to paint some highlights and shadows on the feathers of the first cormorant. Again I am using Winsor & Newton gouache paint with liner brush. For the highlights, I use Yellow Cadmium Pale mixed with Permanent White to make a highlight colors for the feathers in sunlight. Some of the darker highlight colors will have Jet Black and less Permanent White. For the shadow, I took Pthalo Blue, Cyan Blue, Jet Black and Permanent White to make a variety of shades for the feathers in shadow.

For the brushes, I used several liner brushes that ranged in sizes from 0, 1 or 2.

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Painting a tree and grass on my cormorant painting

Painting a tree and grass on my cormorant painting – I added a tree and some grass to my gouache cormorant painting. Using warm yellows for sunlight and cool blues and black for the shadows, I tried to give the appearance of trees and grass in the early morning sunlight. The sun is rising on the right side of the painting therefore the light is on the right side of the trees and grass and the shadows (blues) are on the left. When I paint the grass I use a dark gray or black base coat. From there I add a green with very little white or yellow mixed with it. The green goes on top of the gray/black base coat. Then I add the highlights which is a pale yellow with Permanent White mixed with it. Please watch the video to see how I paint grass using a liner brush with the colors mentioned.

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Painting Water On New Cormorant Painting

Painting Water on my new Gouache Cormorant Painting – In an effort to make my paintings more friendly to doctor’s offices, nursing homes and hospitals, I decided to replace the poisonous vipers with a pair of cormorants. Black vipers were a great subject with all their shiny scales. However, a poisonous snake is never a good choice of subject matter for an up and coming wildlife artist. Like the viper, the cormorant is dark colored and the symmetry of their feathers will not be a lot different from snake scales.

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