About Fine Artist Guy Radcliffe

About Fine Artist Guy Radcliffe – I am a fine artist who enjoys painting well drawn, detailed, colorful landscapes in gouache paint with an emphasis on wetlands wildlife and conservation. As a boy I spent most of my time outside in the forests and in meadows. I was fortunate to grow up in a rural area that allowed me to explore lakes, streams and swamps and all manner of wildlife that lived there. For years and years I would study every species of every type of animal I could find as well as the plants and trees that grew there. If it crawled, slithered, blossomed or swam, I caught it and studied it. Although this world that I knew and loved is disappearing, I travel as much as possible to see what is out there before it disappears. My goal is to create artwork that inspires conservation and an appreciation for nature as well as the rural or country way of life.

Guy Radcliffe