Painting Cypress Trees and Lily Pads

Painting Cypress Trees and Lily Pads – Today I will try to complete the last of the Cypress trees and begin the lily pads. For the last Cypress tree which is in the foreground I’ll be adding the grooves in the bark. Using a somewhat hard pencil like a 2H, I draw the grooves on the tree. (see photo below) Using a liner, I paint over the pencil lines using a custom mixed dark brown like a Burnt Umber mixed with Jet Black. I have a pre-mixed palette of tree bark colors from the other Cypress trees that were painted so I’ll be using those colors for tree color consistency.

Now that the Cypress trees have been finished, it’s time to add the lily pads to the lake. To do that, I take the tracing paper hinged at the top of the painting that has a tracing of the original drawing on it, flip it over and ‘carbon’ the portion of the drawing that has the lily pads (see pics). Once the portion of the drawing with the lily pads has been ‘carboned’ on the back, I flip the tracing paper back over onto the painting and re-draw over the drawing which transfers a drawing of the lily pads onto the lake (see pic). With pencil lines now impressed upon the painting, I take my liner with some watered down Permanent White gouache paint and begin drawing over the lines with the brush. Once this process is complete, I take my Robert Simmons 785 Series #4 White Sable brush and begin filling all of the ovals. Once that is complete, I repeat the process using a custom mixed green. The Permanent White undercoat really helps to give the green a lot of brightness and contrast on the black water.

Painting Cypress Trees and Lily Pads

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