Bobwhite Quail Drawing

Bobwhite Quail Drawing - pen and ink - bristol board
Ink drawing of a Bobwhite Quail. (Click on the image to enlarge)

This hand drawn Bobwhite Quail drawing was created for the Black Run Preserve’s Artwork Contest in 2018. Using a soft #2 pencil I made a drawing of the quail on smooth (hot press) bristol board. Then, I inked the pencil drawing using a crowquill pen and india ink. Here is a link to a YouTube video playlist showing how this pen and ink drawing was created. In the videos, I am using a Koh-I-Noor No. 127 nib holder and a Speedball 22B nib. For more information on the Black Run Preserve in Evesham, NJ, please visit their website.


Size of original painting: 22″ X 15″

Medium: Ink drawing on hot press bristol board

Original Artwork Price: $500.00

To buy prints of this drawing, please go to my store on Fine Art America. To purchase the original, please send me a message through my Contact page.