Far Eastern Curlew Wading In A Stream Siberia

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Far Eastern Curlew Wading In A Stream Siberia – The Far Eastern Curlew is a wading bird indigenous to Asia and eastern Europe. With this painting, I combine my love of the Siberian landscape with the inimitable look of the Far Eastern Curlew. Initially, I was drawn to the curlew by it’s long beak which gives it great character. The curlew’s curved beak is also good for probing for invertebrates that live in the swamps and mud. Also, the Far Eastern Curlew spends it’s breeding season in Siberia, Kamchatka and Mongolia.

During the cold winter, most curlews fly south to Australia while others go to Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines or New Zealand to escape the cold. Painting a wading bird such as the curlew gave me an opportunity to paint a landscape involving elements from the wetlands. Lakes, meadows, streams and grass from Russia’s far east provide some of the most beautiful wildlife scenery. As an artist who draws with the brush, I found it a real pleasure painting a meadow because it allows me to draw all those blades of grass with the brush. I hope to paint many more scenes like this one. This artwork was painted with gouache paint on watercolor paper.

Size of original painting: 10″ X 22″

Medium: Gouache paint on watercolor paper

Price of Original Artwork: $1,500.00

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Far Eastern Curlew Wading In A Stream Siberia